Wedding collections include all day coverage, 1-2 photographers, digital images with a
print release and an engagement session.

Wedding collections starting at $2000.

I make custom packages for all of my couples because I don?t think you should pay for something you don't need. After we chat (either via phone or email) and I get a good idea of what you need, I'll send over a custom package for you to choose from.

All packages include 500-800 photos, preview photos sent within 48 hours of the wedding, an online gallery for sharing and ordering prints, vendor referrals, timeline assistance, and 10 years of wedding experience, and a professional photographer who truly cares about you and wants to make sure you have the best day ever.


Wedding Planning With Your Photographer

Weddings are such a special day.  A day that a bride has been looking forward to since they were five years old and dancing in their princess dress to Cinderella. So of course you want it to be perfect, and I would love to capture all of your wedding day moments so you'll never forget.

Here at T Marie Portraits and Photo Booth, I like to meet with the bride and groom before booking your wedding date to make sure I can give you all that you want on your special day. When you have reserved your wedding date, I like to keep in touch throughout the wedding planning process and hellp you with your wedding timeline for your wedding party and guests.  As the day gets closer I will meet at least once in person for final thoughts and photo plans.

You have a million and two things going on, and a "to do" list from floor to ceiling. When planning with a photographer it?s important you look into the quality and style of the photographer, their personality (are they someone you mesh well with), and their experience.



Let me start off by saying that there is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding  Some couples will find seeing each other before the cereomony is a great way to help calm their nerves.  Others love the anticipation that comes with seeing their partner at the ceremony for the first time.  

Once hair and makeup are all done, it's time to set up the first look.  No worries, leave it up to me.  I will set up and help instruct the entire process.  I will first set up the groom and have them in a spot where they will not see their partner approaching.  I will then have an assistant or personal attendant go get the bride.    



After the couple has taken in seeing each other and reading their love notes, it opens up many tineline possibilities that would otherwise be reserved for after the ceremony.  Here's a list of photos we can do to free up more time later in the day: 

  • ? Couple's  pictures - I still highly recommend stepping away from the reception for some beautiful sunset pictures.  

  • ? Pet pictures - Have a friend bring your fur baby for a few family photos.

  • ? Bridal pictures - The bridal party will be close by and ready to roll as soon as I'm done with the soon to be newlyweds.  

  • ? Family Pictures - Never hurts to get started on a few of these before the ceremony 

When we meet, we put together a detailed timeline for the day and you are able to use this timeline for your bridal party, family and other vendors.  As you can imagine, not everything is going to go as completely planned on your wedding day.  I'm there to keep us on track and organized throughout the day and night!  I become very interactive with your bridal party and family on your special day!

E N G A G E M E N T   G A L L E R I E S

RECOMMEND TIME - I have many years of experience doing photography outdoors, so I know that we can achive great results at any time of the day.  However, during an engagement shoot, it's in our best interest to shoot when the light is at its best.  

The best time to shoot is referred to as the "golden hour".  Golden hour is the hour just before the sun goes down.  At this time of the day, the light dims and becomes warmer.  Photographs taken during this time give the appearance of softer complexions and more even skin tones.  Direct sunlight (early afternoon) often cast harsh shadows.  

Other times that might work for you:  Early morning sunrise, city night lights, winter storm storm, carnival lights


Weather is unpredictable in Iowa, but honestly it can sometimes add some interesting effects to our shoot.  That said, it is important to be prepared to shoot in a variety of conditions.  Just remember, cloudy days are good!  Direct sunlight is what we would really want to be the most worried about with harsh shadows.  

Very rarely do we need to cancel an appointment, however if its to windy, rainy or cold... we will discuss our plan prior to the appointment.  I will have clear umbrellas, blankets, hair supplies, etc ... with me if we need to whip out the emergency weather kit!


What to bring?  Most of all, engagement sessions should be about you and your partner, so I always recommend not over-accessorizing your session.  I think accessories (or your fur babies) can work when they are unique to you and can be meaningful in photos if the reflect real aspects of your everyday lives.  

You can bring your pet, but I do recommend that you bring a friend to hold him or her while we shoot pictures and to help me get their attention!  PS ... I can't whistle, so bring some treats!

If you have a blanket that you would like to use or a special sign, please bring along and we will use!  Anything that you and your partner do together can add a personlized and meaningful touch to any image!


 Clothing Suggestions

Try not to be too matchy, but do try to wear colors that complement each other's outfits.  You can dress as formal or casual as you'd like.  Try to dress to match the feel of the location.  More formal outfits typically photograph best in the city and sundresses are best for summer walks on the nature trails.  

Be prepared to walk around a lot during our session!  I don't recommend wearing heals, however if you want to wear heals for the pictures please bring a pair of comfy sandals to slip on and off while we are walking.  

Some colors photograph better than others.  I've found that sticking  with more neutral, earthy and light colors photograph the best.  Having a solid bright color can add a nice pop to the photos too as long as it doesn't clash.  If we are photographing in the city, I like the black dress, high heels and sassy look on the ladies and suit and tie for the man!  

Location Suggestions

I can suggest a variety of locations for couples looking for a downtown city look or for those looking for an outdoorsy location.  I am up for fun adventures as well.  If you have a specific idea in mind, let me know and I can help out with the planning process for that. 

? Downtown Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City and Dubuque 

? Morgan Creek, Lake McBride, Coralville Lake, Palisades, Harpers Ferry, Noelridge, Squaw Creek, Indian Creek Nature Center

? Coe College, Cornell College, University of Dubuque, UNI, U of I

? Family farms and Carnivals


 What are your rates?

My wedding packages start at $2,000.  Packages include all day wedding coverages, 1 or 2 photographers, digital print release of edited images, engagement session and much more.  I customize packages based on your needs.  When we visit about your wedding and confirm I have the date available, I will ask questions to determine the best custom built wedding package for you.  I will send over two options for you to review on which one will work best for your budget.  


  Do you provide high resolution digital files?

Yes.  High resolution digital files are included for download in every wedding, including destination and elopement package, as a standard.  I truly believe it is important for every couple to have their wedding images in their possession to keep forever.  The files will be provided in high quality JPEG form.   


 We are interested in a wedding album, do you offer them?

Absolutely one of my favorite keepsakes to give to my clients!  Each one of my albums is artfully and uniquely designed and features your favorite images from your wedding day.  I love recreating the story of your wedding day and love seeing your reaction when I share the album with you!   


 When can we chat?

I would love to visit with you on the phone or email first and then set up an in person meeting to discuss the details that you have so far in your planning process.  I'd be happy to grab some coffee or lunch and visit. 


 How long does it take to get our photos back?

You will receive a few sneak peeks posted on our social media outlets within 24 hours of your wedding day.  The final images will all be delivered to you online within 4 weeks.  If there are any concerns with meeting that deadline, I will be honest with you from the start about other events I may have schedule that might affect the turn around time.   


 What information do you need from me?

My goal is to work with you very closely on the details of your big day.  It is important that I am aware of any special details that you have planned for the day that might be unique to you or your family.  When we have our in person meetings, we will be sure to cover how many will be in your wedding party, your family dynamics, wedding colors and accents, table decor, officiate, special dances, vows, vendors, timeline, etc ... I ask a lot of questions to be sure that we have all of those details jotted down.   


How do I reserve my wedding date? 

Once we have met in person and visited about the details of the day, I will send over a contract via email that will need to be returned with signature and a $500 deposit to reserve your wedding date.  The deposit is applied to the total invoice, which is due 10 days prior to your wedding date.   


 Can we make payments to our invoice?

After you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.  You can make partial payments at any time throughout the planning process.  The final payment is due 10 days prior to event.  I do accept checks, cash, credit, debit, paypal and venmo payments.   


 Do you have business insurance?

YES!  I do carry business liability insurance and can get that information to the venue planner if needed.  My equipment is also covered under my business insurance, just in case things get a little crazy!    


 Serving the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids Corridor area along with Dubuque Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Quad Cities and surrounding areas. 


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